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International Logistics Hana

Hana Logistic developed a seamless logistic strategy focused on performance, upcoming challenges, and perpetual upgrading.

The assimilated supply chain solutions policy by Hana Logistic accompany trade needs and grow sustainable productions with maximum optimization of supply chain costs.
The reliable and responsive teams are furnished with a fortune of logistics skills and support large businesses to stay agile and vigorous. Experience the most reliable solution to navigate your business around the world.

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Tracking Your Freight

Hana Logistic Tracking System enables us to locate cargo and shipments worldwide and provide respective details, including real-time tracking and traceability, milestone alerts, and customs or port clearance notification. Track your shipment from anywhere by specified invoice or booking number. Hana Logistic evaluates the shipments route and verifies it with an authorized carrier within the transport network and country.

Transportations Skills

Cargo Transportation – The Giant Movers, Hana Logistics team’s strategy consists of analytical and problem-solving abilities to generate insights and develop a durable freight transportation image.

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We don’t just manage suppliers, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach