Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for HANA FREIGHT LLC

The company HANA FREIGHT LLC holding domain “Hanashipping,” which is accessible from, has privacy for our visitors’ main priorities. The company Privacy Policy is documented with different types of information collected and monitored by hanashipping for website performance.
Call us now for further details or inquire about more information about our company Privacy Policy; please do not hesitate to call us for legal purposes.
This Privacy Policy is designed to implement regulation against online activities, and it is valid for online visitors. Our website keeps the information which is shared and collected by Hanashipping clientele and users. This policy does not apply to any data collected offline or via other channels than this official website.


By using our website, you are assumed to have  accepted our Privacy Policy and terms to use.

Information we collect

The personal data that you are inquired to provide and the details why you are requested to provide it will be notified when we ask you to submit your detailed information.

When you sign in for an Account, we may ask you to provide your contact information, containing your name, company official name, company address, and valid email or telephone.

Usage Of Your Information

We use the data in various ways, including to:

  • Provide, activate, and maintain our website regular content
  • Improve, customize, and expand our website
  • Understand and scrutinize how you use our website
  • Design new features, products, services, and functionality
  • Connect you directly or through our affiliated partners, including customer service representatives, to ask for feedback and marketing purposes and recent updates.
  • Send you emails and promotional letters
  • Find and stop online fraud